We Invest

Over the past 30 years, CACC has distributed millions of dollars in grants to member campuses, supporting new programming, training and professional development.

We Champion

Annually, we invest in and champion hundreds of thousands of students, faculty members, administrators and community members involved in diverse and ground- breaking activities that support and expand civic and community engagement throughout California.

We Engage

Each year we provide millions of participants a variety of innovative engagement and professional development opportunities, including workshops, institutes, publications, on- site consultations, and a monthly e-newsletter.

We Partner

CACC builds strategic partnerships with education, non-profit, legislative, corporate and foundation representatives to advance civic engagement in California.

We Convene

We convene and facilitate networking and encourage cross-campus collaboration among faculty, staff, and campus leaders.

We Promote

Our reputation as a national leader provides many opportunities to highlight California campuses to both statewide and national audiences.