What Faculty, Staff and Administrators Say

“California Campus Compact has provided access to community, scholarship, and professional development throughout my career. The Continuums of Service conferences offered a space for relationship building and practical support when I was starting a new service-learning office. Later in my career they have been a venue for co-presenting and taking about the roles responsibilities of higher education and the future of democracy. The Diving Deep and Cone retreats provided time and space to discuss the big questions that are integral to our work while in the company of colleagues whose thoughtful reflection pushes me to be a better practitioner, scholar, and person. When I look at the last 19 years of my career, CACC has been directly or indirectly supporting my growth throughout.”

Karin Cotterman, Director
Engage San Francisco Center for Community Service Learning
University of San Francisco

“SJSU has not always availed itself of the many CACC services, but we greatly value the scholarship and award opportunities for our students, particularly the Community Engagement Student Fellowships. We also appreciate the customer service, like personally reaching out to my office when such offerings arise.”

Michael Fallon, Former Director
Center for Community Learning and Leadership
San Jose State University

“Fresno State has been a member of California Campus Compact since the early 1990s, and our membership has always been a tremendous benefit to our campus, our students, and our community engagement efforts. We’ve benefited from a variety of CACC training programs for faculty, staff and students. We’ve regularly participated in the annual Continuums of Service Conference since the very first year, and their website, email newsletter, and written materials are always a source for helpful information and ideas. CACC has and continues to be one of our strongest partners as we seek to enhance student learning and community development through service.”

Chris Fiorentino, Director
Richter Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning
California State University, Fresno

“California Campus Compact has been a critical resource to us over the years. As California Campus Compact has grown, it has inspired our work in the field of service-learning and civic engagement to grow. The Compact has been a huge connection point for us throughout our region and throughout the state.”

Chris Nayve, Associate Vice President and Director
Karen and Tom Mulvaney Center for Community, Awareness and Social Action
University of San Diego

“I have been connected to Campus Compact for nearly 20 years — through the Engaged Campus project in the late 1990s, to the service-learning syllabi database, and now as the director of the center for civic and community engagement. Campus Compact facilitates professional networking that keeps me connected regionally and nationally, as was as provides practical resources, like the Civic Action Plan, that help my institution embrace our next set of opportunities for deeper community engagement. The professional development through regional retreats and gatherings is top notch, and the new bi-annual national gathering has great presenters. My students benefit directly, too: Recently several participated in the Principal Scholars and Community Engagement Student Fellowship programs. Campus Compact is a great investment for my campus.”

Jennifer M. Pigza, Ph.D., Director
Catholic Institute for Lasallian Social Action
Saint Mary’s College of California

“Access to California Campus Compact’s resources, including conferences and publications, has helped us guide our center’s development and the development of faculty members’ understanding of service-learning best practices. The California Campus Compact Executive Director’s occasional campus visits have provided the opportunity for conversations with the president and other executive leadership, raising their awareness of service-learning and civic engagement on campus while the Students in Service AmeriCorps program has allowed us to provide greater support to students in our Domestic Violence Court program, increasing the program’s capacity. Those are only a few examples of why membership in California Campus Compact is so valuable to us.”

Carina Sass, Associate Director
Center for Community Engagement
California State University, Long Beach

“California Campus Compact provides a wide array of resources to its member campuses: grants, awards, publications and technical assistance. But its greatest contribution is in providing an entire map of professional development opportunities that meet diverse needs and bring folks together from different campuses. Newcomers can quickly learn the main routes while seasoned veterans are able to explore uncharted territory. In this way, California Campus Compact lives the notion of a “compact” – it builds relationships between campuses and individuals who are interested in ensuring that our institutions are contributing to the development of a healthy, just and democratic society.”

Thomas Schnaubelt, Executive Director
Assistant Vice Provost for Student Affairs
Haas Center for Public Service
Stanford University

“My campus’s membership in California Campus Compact has provided me with many, many useful resources and has given me the opportunity to be hooked into the larger service-learning community. California Campus Compact has provided me with the skills and strength to do this job and continue to be excited and engaged.”

Julia van der Ryn, Director of Service-Learning
Dominican University of California

“Sonoma State has been a Campus Compact member since 1990. CACC provides me with resources to support our students, faculty and community partners that are available nowhere else. I deeply appreciate being able to provide faculty presentation and professional development opportunities that CACC provides.”

Merith Weisman, Director
Community Engagement and Strategic Initiatives
Sonoma State University

“California State University, Fullerton has been a member of the California Campus Compact for many years. I was so excited to join CSUF’s faculty because of its long-standing commitment to service-learning and civic engagement. In addition, CACC has been an instrumental part of my development as a community-engaged scholar by providing my students, community partners and me with opportunities to share our service-learning pedagogy and research at the Continuums of Service conferences in 2015 and 2017. Having the opportunity to present in a national forum has empowered our students and community partners to strengthen their voices and develop as leaders and activists. I am tremendously grateful to the CACC for its efforts to create a networked organizational infrastructure to support community-engaged scholarship and partnerships.”

Jennifer A. Yee, Associate Professor
Asian American Studies
California State University, Fullerton

What Presidents Say

“CACC’s support of civic engagement, public service and student involvement in the campus and surrounding community completely aligns with NDNU’s mission to provide excellent professional and liberal arts programs in which community engagement and the values of social justice are integral to the learning experience. CACC has been instrumental in the growth of NDNU faculty involvement in service learning on our campus and has provided grants to support development of community partnerships.”

Judith Maxwell Greig, Ph.D., President
Notre Dame de Namur University

“California Campus Compact provided the tools and resources to promote responsible citizenry throughout our campus, and most of all, the inspiration to continue our work in contributing to the public good, which is one of the most important responsibilities of institutions of higher education.”

Willie J. Hagan, President
California State University Dominguez Hills

“California Campus Compact is at the forefront of the national dialogue on experiential learning, civic engagement and service learning. By collaborating with California Campus Compact, the University of San Diego is better equipped to prepare students to be ethical leaders and compassionate citizens who build partnerships for positive change and reinvigorate higher education for the public good.”

James T. Harris, President
University of San Diego

“As a new and growing research university, we at UC Merced know how complex and ever-changing the public higher education landscape in California can be. To thrive in such an environment requires us to be nimble, innovative and collaborative, and California Campus Compact helps to bring us all together as educators to fulfill both our individual and shared missions.”

Dorothy Leland, Former Chancellor
University of California, Merced

“As a member of California Campus Compact, the University of La Verne is able to collaborate with like-minded institutions on important initiatives regarding civic engagement, a core institutional value for the University of La Verne. California Campus Compact has helped enhance the work of the University and the impact we have on our students and surrounding communities.”

Devorah Lieberman, President
University of La Verne

“At California State University, East Bay, we take pride in our commitment to serve students first, by expanding access and enhancing each student’s educational experience and prospects for success as a graduate and life-long learner. That is why we are proud to not only be a member of the California Campus Compact (CACC), but to also host the organization on our campus. The university hosting CACC creates a synergy between Cal State East Bay’s commitment to enrich student engagement and learning with CACC’s rich history of leadership in supporting state, regional and national civic engagement in higher education.”

Leroy M. Morishita, President
California State University, East Bay