Collaborating Across California

California Campus Compact is dedicated to developing the professional capacity and knowledge of faculty, staff, administrators, community leaders and students in order to extend the engaged work of colleges and universities throughout California. Each year, we are instrumental in sponsoring and organizing symposiums, institutes, webinars and workshops to increase support for advancing civic engagement.

“California Campus Compact provides a wide array of resources to its member campuses: grants, awards, publications and technical assistance. But its greatest contribution is in providing an entire map of professional development opportunities that meet diverse needs and bring folks together from different campuses. Newcomers can quickly learn the main routes while seasoned veterans are able to explore uncharted territory. In this way, California Campus Compact lives the notion of a “compact” – it builds relationships between campuses and individuals who are interested in ensuring that our institutions are contributing to the development of a healthy, just and democratic society.”

Thomas Schnaubelt, Executive Director, Assistant Vice Provost for Student Affairs
Haas Center for Public Service
Stanford University


“Access to California Campus Compact’s resources, including conferences and publications, has helped us guide our center’s development and the development of faculty members’ understanding of service-learning best practices. The California Campus Compact Executive Director’s occasional campus visits have provided the opportunity for conversations with the president and other executive leadership, raising their awareness of service-learning and civic engagement on campus while the Students in Service AmeriCorps program has allowed us to provide greater support to students in our Domestic Violence Court program, increasing the program’s capacity. Those are only a few examples of why membership in California Campus Compact is so valuable to us.”

Carina Sass, Associate Director
Center for Community Engagement
California State University, Long Beach