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“Through California Campus Compact’s Student Leadership Initiative, we are really looking forward to getting our hands dirty and working with high school students and middle school students to restart their school gardens. We are very concerned about unequal access to healthy and local produce for students in disadvantaged communities, and we want to promote healthy eating among these youth and their families.”

DeeAnn Resk, graduate student,
University of California, Los Angeles

Social Innovation Generation: Student Leadership Initiative (SIG:SLI) is part of California Campus Compact’s three-year initiative that is catalyzing and mobilizing colleges and universities to aid in the state’s recovery and renewal. SIG:SLI encourages and supports change-making student-led service and service-learning projects that will not only aid those hardest hit by California’s economic crisis, but also help California emerge from the crisis with a more innovative, green and sustainable economic future.

Recipients of subgrants for the period of January 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011 are:

California State University, Chico. With the city of Chico’s increasing number of home foreclosures and a poverty rate that is almost double that of the state, more than a quarter of its residents now live below the poverty line. To help nonprofit organizations in the city meet the needs of a growing population in crisis, Community Action Volunteers in Education, a program of the Associated Students at California State University, Chico, is developing Chico Homeless Advocates. Through this program, student leaders are providing outreach and support to homeless individuals and families along with volunteer hours to support the staff of shelters, and meal, job-training, counseling and mental health outreach programs. California State University, Chico is collaborating on the Chico Homeless Advocates Program with the City of Chico, Greater Chico Homeless Task Force, Torres Community Shelter, Jesus Center Kitchen and the Sixth Street Drop-in Center.

University of California, Los Angeles. To address the rising rate of childhood obesity among at-risk youth in Los Angeles, introduce and encourage healthier eating options and restart school garden programs lost to unprecedented budget cuts, University of California, Los Angeles’s 200-member E3: Ecology, Economy and Equity student group is partnering with Farm to School, a nationwide nonprofit organization that promotes healthy eating and improving school nutrition by connecting K-12 schools with local farms and maintaining school gardens. Through the partnership, students are restarting school gardens and sustainable food programs in communities that have been most adversely impacted by California’s economic downturn while providing mentorship to middle school and high school youth through their collaborative work in the gardens.

For more information, please contact Piper McGinley.

Learn and Serve logoCalifornia Campus Compact gratefully acknowledges the Corporation for National and Community Service, Learn and Serve America Higher Education for its significant support in making the Social Innovation Generation grant initiative possible.