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CSU Northridge:The CACC Community Engagement Scholars will leverage their experience as students in service learning and engaged courses to a) serve as Champions of Service Learning within the student body, with focused outreach to Student Government, student clubs and organizations, student representatives on curriculum committees, and Ambassadors who work with outreach and recruitment; b) assist as peer mentors to Student Scholars who work directly with faculty to assist them in managing their service learning paperwork; and c) research, under faculty direction, the impact of Service Learning on students, faculty, and community partners, resulting in presentation and/or publication of their findings.

Loyola Marymount University:This activity focuses on the community engagement of two student leaders to address the need to train users and develop an effective way to market OrgSync technology for community-based learners and faculty supported by the Center for Service and Action’s Community-Based Learning program, with particular attention on those associated with Loyola Marymount University’s Business College. The California Campus Compact Community Engagement Student Fellows will develop OrgSync reference guides and online tutorials, as well as develop a marketing plan, for community-based learning students and faculty. These tools will enhance student learning in economically, socially, and physically marginalized communities by equipping them to use the online community management system, thereby reducing the time spent handling paperwork and increasing the time spent building community. This activity will impact the campus by improving the Community-Based Learning program’s organizational performance through development of effective training and marketing materials for key constituents.

Occidental College:The Partnership for Community Engagement at Occidental College will engage The Partnership for Community Engagement at Occidental College will engage one student fellow who will enact the community engagement mission of the college through a project: The student fellow will help support the development and implementation of a project in collaboration with a community partner.

Saint Mary’s College: Fellows will serve as conference co-chairs for the College’s Leadership for Social Justice Conference – an annual conference aligned with multiple service-learning courses at Saint Mary’s and open to regional college students. This year’s event (11/20/16) feature break-out sessions and a keynote by Vandana Shiva, an Indian scholar, international environmental activist and anti-globalization author. The Community Engagement Fellows manage a team of their peers to plan all aspects of the conference: recruiting and managing a leadership team, marketing, educational content, and logistics. The educational content is developed in collaboration with faculty to ensure that it connects with learning outcomes of service-learning and social justice courses.

San Jose State University: Two CESFs will serve CCLL in leading SJSU’s public campaign to address the crisis of homelessness, specifically to collaborate with select agents to educate campus and community and to advocate and mobilize for relocating homeless away from waterways and into created “transitional homeless villages.” This effort builds on SJSU’s initiative to restore our creeks, polluted by encampments. This second initiative commenced last spring with a research paper and continues with the formation of a service year leadership team who strategize actions with City, County, State officials and community agents to shelter the homeless.

UCSD: The UC San Diego Student Health Advocates are volunteer peer health educators that work to enhance the personal health of students and the collective health and well-being of the campus community through educational workshops, events, campaigns, and programs. These peer educators address topics such as nutrition, sexual health, stress, alcohol, physical activity, and more. Specific activities include: Educating other students about health issues and concerns through educational outreach programs on campus and in the community; Making presentations to students and the community about health issues; Participating in training fellow students; Attending meetings and workshops where information and ideas are exchanged; Improving communication, presentation and facilitation skills; Learning to be a confident leader among their peers.

University of La Verne: The CESF fellow will address an important worldwide issue of refugees and forced displacement. The goal of this service project is to create on-campus and community awareness events around refugees, and to engage three community organizations: The World Relief, The International Rescue Committee, and the Islamic Center of Claremont. This relationship would create a long lasting bond that would establish a precedent for student and refugee interaction, understanding, and support. Through the World Relief organization, Mariela will establish a “Cultural Companion” group that would serve the purpose of better integrating refugees into communities. The other CESF Fellow will work on addressing the barriers to higher education for the Latino community in Southern California. The goal of the service project is to increase raise awareness and reduce the barriers to higher education by providing the community with useful and relevant information that is culturally relevant. Our CESF fellow, Carlos Yanes, will serve as the community outreach coordinator for the University of La Verne’s 5th annual Latino Education Access & Development conference, a free event that is open to the community-at-large and provides educational workshops for 7th grade to college students, and bilingual workshops for parents.

University of Redlands: University of Redlands students are passionate about serving our neighborhood and community and they do it in several ways. One of the University’s largest programs is providing homework assistance to local children at no cost to their families. Homework help and tutoring services are in high demand in our area and many families are unable to afford academic assistance, and University students are serving to answer those needs. We have an on-campus location for free homework assistance, and 3 an off-campus locations at the Boys and Girls Club of Redlands, First Baptist Church and the Redlands Community Center allowing our program to help more children in our community.

*Stanbridge College: Stanbridge College successfully secured donations to fund 7 of their students to serve as CESF Fellows. Remaining project descriptions are forthcoming.

Jasmine Zogas, Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy Student, will be completing her Community Engagement Student Fellowship with the Illumination Foundation Recuperative Care Center, an organization that offers resources to homeless individuals recovering from hospitalization. At the Recuperative Care Center, homeless persons who have recently been discharged from the hospital have access to beds, meals, case management and medical coordination. Jasmine will assist in providing occupational therapy related services to these clients, including psychosocial groups, chair yoga, therapeutic gardening, nutrition education, and art groups. Stanbridge Occupational Therapy faculty will assist Jasmine in developing and implementing appropriate projects for the clients. This opportunity will allow Jasmine to provide a valuable service to these individuals during their recovery, while gaining occupational therapy assistance related to her field of study.

Jeffrey Yusam, Physical Therapy Assistant Student: With guidance from Stanbridge physical therapy faculty, Jeffrey will be conducting a diabetic foot care program with the homeless clients at the Illumination Foundation Recuperative Care Center. Diabetes and related complications caused by poor circulation to the extremities are very prevalent among the homeless population that the Recuperative Care Center serves. Jeffrey will perform skin integrity checks for clients and address areas of concern. Jeffrey will also create an educational handout to distribute to the clients, provide demonstrations on proper foot care and teach clients techniques to help prevent skin breakdown, infection, and amputation.

Taylor Weigand, Veterinary Technician Student, will volunteer with OC Animal Care, an organization that takes in and cares for over 30,000 dogs, cats, bunnies, and other pets in Orange County each year. In addition, OC Animal Care takes a proactive role in placing pets in permanent homes by hosting monthly adoption events, partnering with hundreds of non-profit rescue groups, and maintaining a network of volunteers and foster caretakers. By volunteering with OC Animal Care, Taylor will have the opportunity to gain experience in a variety of areas, assisting with animal handling, socializing animals to help prepare them for adoption, community events, and general administrative support. This position will allow her to gain experience and make connections that will be beneficial to her future career in Veterinary Technology.

Jacquelyn Duvall, Associate of Science in Nursing Student is completing her fellowship at Saddleback Memorial Medical Center, helping to implement GetWell Network, a new interactive program designed to improve operational outcomes and patient satisfaction. GetWell Network allows patients to utilize the televisions in their rooms to communicate with hospital staff, view educational content customized for them by their nurse, and access tools to become a more active participant in their health. Jacquelyn has been trained as a “Super-User” on the system, and has been instrumental in helping to train other nurses on the program and assist the hospital with the transition. This experience has a positive impact on the patients and nursing staff at Saddleback, allowing them the extra manpower they needed to make the launch of this program a success. It is also a valuable opportunity for Jacquelyn to gain first hand experience in an environment related to her course of study, and to practice leadership and interpersonal skills that she will need in her future career as a nurse.

Patricia Hansen, Occupational Therapy Assistant Studentand Carolyn Vo, Occupational Therapy Assistant Student are serving their fellowships with High Hopes Head Injury Program, a unique non-profit organization providing physical and cognitive rehabilitation for individuals recovering from traumatic brain injury. High Hopes offers a highly effective day treatment program which includes a range of rehabilitation activities including physical conditioning classes, cognitive and social therapies, independent living classes, occupational and speech therapy. Patricia and Carolyn are volunteering alongside the Occupational Therapy staff at High Hopes to assist with a variety of these activities, allowing them to gain valuable experience that will help them in their studies and their future careers as Occupational Therapy Assistants.