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20 students from 10 California campuses were selected in January 2013 as the first cohort to participate in California Campus Compact's Community Engagement Student Fellowship (CESF) program, a 4-month initiative specifically designed to support student leaders advancing service, service-learning and community engagement at California Campus Compact member campuses throughout the state.

(Updated as of 2/8/13)

Muna AlSheikhMuna AlSheikh, a student at Sofia University, came to the United States in August 2008 as an international student – having left her family behind in the Middle East to follow her passion and experience the world. While pursuing her Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling 2011, she learned and grew on the mental, emotional, spiritual and cultural levels. During the past few years, after having decided to travel and see how the world would unfold for her, Muna has enjoyed studying, working, having fun, going to conferences, doing internship with clients, and learning about different ethnicities, religions and cultures. She also did various types of inner work, learning to live life to the fullest in her own skin while being willing to open her mind and heart to people and life opportunities. Wonderful souls she met on her journey helped in the emergence of who she is right now – she was blessed to learn lessons from the darkest moments. Now Muna is embarking on a new self exploration journey, which includes being at Sofia and growing even further!

Jimmy BarnettJimmy Barnett is a student at Humboldt State University and is studying both psychology and communication. During high school, Jimmy incorporated service learning into his academic course load through EAST. Currently, he is serving his second year as a service learning intern for the Center for Service Learning and Academic Internships, where he has honed his skills as a leader and promoted service learning in the community organizing events and carrying out logistical event functions. Connecting students with non-profit community entities to perform desired, quality services has also created an avenue for reciprocal relationships for all parties. Jimmy's desire to enhance communication, individual growth, civic responsibility, and reflection has also led him to devote much of his time to many other organizations. His major connections reside with Humboldt Mediation Services as both a community mediator and a speaker's bureau member, Eureka First Baptist Church as a youth group lecturer and event coordinator, and the American Cancer Society as the event chairman for both the Eureka High School and Humboldt State University, Relay for Life events.

Maleene BeuhlerMaleenee Beuhler is a fourth year student at the University of California, San Diego. She is pursing a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Science and a minor in Health Care/Social Issues. She is interested in the areas of health promotion, community outreach, and social justice, and has been a member of the Student Health Advocate organization for three years and currently serves as co-president. She is the Programming and Marketing Senior Lead Intern at The Zone, UCSD's Well-being programming and resource center that provides free programs for students to promote well-being. Maleenee is also a member of Alternative Breaks at UCSD, a student organization that encourages students to become active citizens through education of social justice issues and strong direct service during national and international service trips. For ten weeks she will learn about issues related to inner-city poverty, sustainability, urban youth, and the culture and history of Atlanta, GA. During spring break she will travel to Atlanta, Georgia where the group will work with two non-profits, The Medici Project and Atwood Community Gardens. She will work with at-risk youth to build relationships and attend to the emotional, spiritual, educational, and social needs of the children, as well as volunteer at a community garden. Upon returning to San Diego, she will continue her service and apply what she learned with her own community.

Dini BintariDini Rahma Bintari is a clinical psychologist and a psychology faculty lecturer with the Universitas Indonesia. She is also a Fulbright scholar in the PhD program at Sofia University. Her research interests includes psychological well-being, women's empowerment, sufism, religious studies and spiritually oriented psychotherapy. Her dissertation topic is on women's empowerment through active participation in religion. She is contributing to the community as a speaker and facilitator on psychology and spirituality via radio talk shows and women's groups.

Vivian Xiuzhen CaiVivian Xiuzhen Cai immigrated to the United States in April 2003 with her parents and younger sister to seek better opportunities than were available to them in China. “In China my parents would not have been able to afford to send my sister and me to school beyond middle school. Coming to the United States allowed us to finish high school and go on to college.” Vivian is now a senior at California States of University Long Beach majoring in Design and minoring in Applied Math. She became a US citizen in December 2012. Vivian began working with the Center for Community Engagement in September 2008, serving as a mentor to homeless and recently homeless people at the Villages at Cabrillo in west Long Beach for three years before coming to work at the Center for Community Engagement. She still continues working with the center because she really enjoys the opportunity to help out others who are in need. “Working for the Center for Community Engagement has made me aware of the change one can make in communities, and helping out others who are in need has given me a great sense of satisfaction and fulfillment!”

Vivian Xiuzhen CaiHelen Chun is a third year undergraduate student at UCLA. She is currently majoring in English and Psychology and hoping to add a Classics minor onto that as well. She was a participant in Jumpstart’s year-long Americorps program in 2011/12 providing early literacy education to preschoolers from low-income communities.  She has a strong passion for learning and loves literature.  She believes that reading is vital to an enriched life and that it should be accessible to everyone.  This passion led her to work with Jumpstart again this year through California Campus Compact. 

Jesse Dutton-KenneyJesse Dutton-Kenney is a senior at UC Berkeley, majoring in Comparative Ethnic Studies and a double minor in Native American Studies and Celtic Studies. After graduation Jesse hopes to go to graduate school and pursue a career in museums focusing on issues of Native American representation and repatriation. She is an East Bay native raised in Oakland, California Her passion in life, besides traveling, is social justice and this year she will be leading a trip to the Campo Kumeyaay Nation through the Alternative Breaks program within Cal Corps Public Service Center. As a former participant on this trip, she is incredibly excited to be able to return as a student leader and share her knowledge and experiences with others. To Jesse, service is all about extending your privileges, whatever they may be, to others and creating meaningful collaboration based on mutual respect. This is something she is constantly working on and developing and she is thrilled to have the chance to do so this year with Alternative Breaks.

Liz FairweatherDavid Espinoza is a first year student at the University of Redlands.  He is double majoring in biochemistry and mathematics.  He has a variety of interests and is involved in Math Club, Bio Club, Quidditch, and the Class of 2016 society.  He is also an avid reader. While in high school, he volunteered as a tutor for students in his school and community.  During his first semester at Redlands, he volunteered with an organization called Totally Kids Outreach in Loma Linda, California where college students visit medically fragile students who often receive little or no other visitors.  This was a perfect outreach for him, as he hopes to become a Pediatrician.  He enjoys working with children and is currently volunteering as a tutor for Jasper’s Corner Homework Club on campus.  The club was created to meet the community’s demanding need to assist kindergarten through 12th grade students with homework and grade level education.  He hopes to continue to participate with the program and help expand and grow.  He is also looking forward to studying abroad in Spain during May 2013.

Liz FairweatherLiz Fairweather is a student of Cognitive Science, Conservation and Resource studies at UC Berkeley. This year she will be leading a trip to the Central Valley trip through the Alternative Breaks program within Cal Corps Public Service Center. She defines service as working with those in need to contribute to their defined goals and solutions, and deepening a relationship between those serving and being served that is built on solidarity in the process. Her post-grad aspirations include fostering food systems that are socially just and ecologically sound, and looks forward to discovering where she can leverage her skills to contribute in the arenas of social and environmental justice as related to food systems. She hopes to have an internship experience at Dawn Gardens, a non-profit land-based organization committed to promoting sustainable management of natural resources and providing educational opportunities for the health and benefit of the community.

Jocelle FloresJocelle Flores is in her sophomore year at Dominican University as an OT major. She became passionate about service during her first SL course, serving with Marin County Community School (MCCS). She asked to continue on as an SL student leader, taking on the role of training fellow students, continuing her own service there, tracking/collecting data and evaluations and making the partnership richer and fuller between DUC and MCCS. She has also participated in a student cohort called EDJE (Education Dedicated to Justice and Equity) Scholars. This cohort of approximately 12 community-engaged students, first met this fall to explore the larger social, political, historical, and economic contexts that shape their own stories and impact the lives of others. In her personal statement she noted that, "I am a strong, hard-working individual who is willing to grow from my own experiences and mistakes. I am eager to reach out and help others, with the hopes of making an impact on their lives."

Daniela LeyvaDaniela Leyva is in her junior year at Dominican University as a Political Science major. She has shown incredible passion and commitment to SL, her community and the issues around social justice. She took a SL course, but then continued on her own to serve at St. Vincents de Paul and Canal Alliance. Due to her involvement, we asked if she would be willing to serve as a SL Student Leader at Canal Alliance (CA) this spring. She is also involved in EDJE Scholars. In her personal statement she noted, "I am a peaceful lady who loves learning new things! I am very optimistic about situations and I love thinking/dreaming. For me service-learning is about community. One cannot better situations without first educating oneself and understanding those they wish to serve."

Shirley MaShirley Ma is a fifth year Ethnic Studies and Human Biology Major at University of California, San Diego. Her interests include Fitness, UCSD APSA, the Student Health Advocates program, and volunteer opportunities. She is an active member of the Student Health Advocates, specializing in sexual health issues. Shirley also volunteers at the UCSD Student Run Free Clinic. The UCSD Student Run Free Clinic provides accessible and quality healthcare to the San Diego underserved homeless population. This Clinic provides free medical and preventive care, dental care, social services, and medication. She volunteers at the pharmacy section of the clinic helping pharmacists and pharmacy students to process prescriptions for their patients.


Yadira MunozYadira Muñoz is a junior at Holy Names University. She has been a regular volunteer at the Oakland Catholic Worker helping with the hot meals to the homeless and doing intake interviews with families. She has also been working (through the Federal Work Study program) at the East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation (EBALDC), conducting financial literacy training for 4th graders. Yadira is majoring in Liberal Studies and minoring in Latin American Studies at HNU.


Yadira MunozJasmine Nunez is a third year student at UCLA and a mother of two toddlers. She is majoring in Political Science and minoring in Chicano Studies. Throughout her high school and college experience she has volunteered at disadvantaged middle schools and preschools tutoring and mentoring students. She feels passionately about working in neighborhoods that are labeled as “low-income” in order to help provide children with better opportunities and close the achievement gap. She was recently presented with the Outstanding Youth Volunteer award on National Philanthropy Day by the Association of Fundraising Professionals for the volunteer service she provided through Jumpstart. She continues to apply what she has learned from Jumpstart within her own community and is happy to have an opportunity to work with Jumpstart again through California Campus Compact.

Jerry RiveroJerry Rivero is a fourth year student at California State University of Long Beach, working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology with an emphasis on Family and Group Dynamics. Jerry wants to be able to impact low-income and underrepresented communities through leadership building and community engagement, “As a Latino youth, I feel that I did not have a person such as myself who represented me and my community. I want to be that person to those in and around these communities.” Jerry’s career interests lie in community development and involvement, with a specialized interest in education. He is currently serving as a school community liaison at a junior high school in the city of Anaheim, helping parents and faculty to create a positive working relationship between school and community. As a volunteer, Jerry develops and presents workshops with Head Start Preschool programs to promote parent involvement early in their child's educational career, and in his free time performs with a three piece band, playing a wide variety of music—from the traditional Son Jarocho of Veracruz, Mexico to ballads to Indie Rock. His band puts on free shows to help promote non-profit fundraising efforts throughout the community.

Jesus PastranoAntione Swinton is a first generation student, currently a sophomore at the University of San Diego and is majoring in psychology and communications, with a minor in leadership.  Antione attended a private catholic high school that required volunteering within the community as part of the was through these services that he discovered his passion. Antione enjoyed working and spending time with the elderly and the disabled but found his niche and passion in working with the youth. Antione is currently involved in the community as a youth mentor at a boys and girls club teen center in San Diego. Inspired by his younger sister, Antione's biggest goal is to study psych to better understand the effects and behaviors of cerebral palsy and other mental disorders,  with hopes of one day starting a beneficial program for mentally delayed and disabled children that better addresses their needs and prepares them for life.


Jesus PastranoJesus Pastrano is a junior at Holy Names University and previously participated in HNU's Students in Service program for 2 consecutive years, completing 300 hours of service each year. He is currently working in the St. Elizabeth Elementary School afterschool program and recently participated in a University sponsored trip to the School of the Americas Vigil and Protest at Fort Benning, Georgia where students engaged on issues of global militarization. He has also been involved at the Oakland Catholic Worker, serving hot meals to the homeless in East Oakland. Jesus is majoring in music at HNU.


Ana Pau VillarrealAna Pau Villarreal, from Monterrey, Mexico, is a freshman at the University of San Diego. She is majoring in Liberal Studies and planning to complete the Level I Education Specialist Credential for teaching special education (Mild/Moderate) in grades K-12. Motivated by a promise made to her community, she is a mentor for the Academic Club program, where elementary school children who speak English as a nonnative language are provided with one-on-one or small group tutoring to improve their English skills. Ana greatly enjoys spending time with the kids and making a difference in their lives. Ana hopes to later work in her hometown, using the knowledge learned in her studies and experiences like this one. Acting on concerns for the community around her, wherever she is, is of great importance to her.

Madalyn WalkerMadalyn Walker is a student at Humboldt State University, as well as an intern at the Center for Service Learning & Academic Internships. This is her third year as a Service Learning Intern, and in that time she has learned much about the importance of community involvement, civic engagement, service learning and student leadership. It is only through community involvement that one is able to fully understand what your community partners need and then be able to address those needs with service. Whether it is working with the local food bank to organize a food drive or putting on workshops and distributing information at regional community colleges to spread the service learning concept, Madalyn feels that she has become more a part of this community with each passing year.


Madalyn WalkerLauren Walsh is a transfer student from Citrus College in Glendora, California. She now attends the University of Redlands.  She is currently a senior seeking a BS in Business Administration. She’s been a part of the volleyball team for 4 years (2 years at Citrus College and 2 years at the U of R). She volunteered coaching at volleyball camps during the summer.  She is currently volunteering as a tutor for Jasper’s Corner Homework Club at the Boys and Girls Club in Redlands, Califorina.  She has not been a part of the organization very long, but really enjoys assisting kids in the Redlands community with homework help. She helps with any subject they are having difficulty with such as math, science, and language arts. Now that she is no longer playing volleyball, she will have more time to spend volunteering with Jasper's Corner!