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Students from California campuses were selected in September 2016 to participate in California Campus Compact's Community Engagement Student Fellowship (CESF) program, a 4-month initiative specifically designed to support student leaders advancing service, service-learning and community engagement at California Campus Compact member campuses throughout the state.


Laura Cortes is a Junior at the University of Redlands and was born in India to unknown biological parents; at 10 months she was adopted from an Indian orphanage by a Spanish father and American mother; she speaks three languages fluently(Spanish, Catalan, and English). Two volunteer experiences during her high school years have strongly influenced her view of roles and responsibilities. Once a week beginning with her freshman year she visited a young man with special needs to visit with and read to him. For three weeks during the summer of 2012 with the help of her pediatrician Spanish stepmother, Laura became a volunteer in a Barcelona pediatrics hospital. Outside her family, the strongest influences in her life have been teachers. Her mother and maternal grandmother were both teachers. She regards teachers as our most important community contributors, beyond doctors and beyond pastors. So guess what? She wants to become a teacher. She wants to contribute to what she's been so fortunate to receive. Her work with Jasper’s Corner stemmed from her desire to continue serving other people. She has been a volunteer with Jasper’s since her freshman year of college. Her drive has always been to help kids it gives her a sense of purpose.

Jacquelyn Duvall is a senior registered nursing student at Stanbridge College in Irvine. Jacquelyn was born and raised in Long Beach, where she grew up involved in church ministries with a passion in music. Aside from her involvement in church ministries, Jacquelyn also spent time volunteering for the Council on Aging. Jacquelyn started working towards her nursing credentials as a result of a recommendation made by her mother, whom is an intensive care nurse. The personal testimonies she heard from her mother and other nurses drove her to enter into the world of nursing. Jacquelyn also wanted a rewarding career that would challenge her, while giving her the opportunity to serve. She wishes to obtain her Bachelor’s in Nursing and to continuously further her education in the nursing field. Outside of her nursing education, Jacquelyn enjoys spending time with family, friends, and her dogs.

Ryan Sean Eckford is 21 years old and is a senior at San Jose State University. Ryan is majoring in Sociology, and minoring in Human Rights. His career as acommunity organizer began a year ago, and he is extremely passionate about addressing homelessness in his community. Outside of his work life Ryan is an amateur fire dancer, a freelancewriter, a pianist, and a fan of all that is adventurous.

Judith Garcia Rojas is a fourth year undergraduate majoring in Global Health at the University of California, San Diego. She is a trained peer educator in the Student Health Advocate (SHA) Program where she has served as the alcohol and other drugs lead coordinator. Her duties included supervising and facilitating workshops that aim to provide students with educational resources on alcohol and other drugs. With the support of her fellow SHAs, Judith was able to launch a new event designed to bring awareness to the issues regarding alcohol and ecstasy on the UC San Diego campus. In addition to her SHA duties, Judith serves as the Co-Director for the UCSD chapter of Project Nicaragua, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health and well-being of residents of Nicaragua.

Adrian Gonzalez, hailing from San Antonio, Texas, is a senior marketing student in the College of Business Administration at Loyola Marymount University. As an Air Force veteran, service continues to play an integral role in his life. At the Center for Service and Action(CSA), he works as a California Campus Compact Community Engagement Student Fellow (CCC-CESF) where he facilitates community-based learning(CBL), connecting students to service through their academic courses. In addition to service, Adrian strives for academic excellence; he has been hand-selected to represent LMU at the International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition(ICBSC). During his free time, Adrian is a collector of a hobbies: basketball, biking, guitar, rafting, rock-climbing, and skiing to name a few. Adrian has a deep appreciation for nature and is especially concerned with the grave issues connected to climate change. He is passionate about education, food justice, and environmentalism. In the future, Adrian hopes to start-up an advertising agency for non-profits and underserved communities.

Angel Guan is a first-generation college student at the University of California, San Diego. She is a fourth year pursuing a major in Biochemistry & Cell Biology with a minor in Chinese Studies. Angel is a trained peer health educator for the Student Health Advocate (SHA) Program where she has served as a teaching assistant for the training class of 39 new SHAs. She provided support and guidance for her own group of students by sharing her experiences from leading workshop facilitations on topics such as stress, nutrition, fitness, and sleep. She is an active member of the Resources and Relaxation Squad, a group who provides wellness resources and free massages for students to help them de-stress. In addition to her SHA duties, Angel also volunteers at the Hematology/Oncology unit of Rady Children’s Hospital where she attends to patient needs and assists the Child Life Specialist in the patient playroom.

Patricia Hansen is an occupational therapy assistant student at Stanbridge College located in Irvine, California. Prior to coming to this college she enlisted in the United States Navy and served for four years before being honorably discharged. While serving in the military she volunteered to become an advocate for women survivors of sexual harassment and abuse within her command. She spent the next three years working as a therapist, and tutor to children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, as well as other cognitive disabilities. Her passions surround community-based work and improvement. She believes that helping others serves to not only benefit others, but also provides for a learning experience for the individual serving.

Sej Imoohi of Loyola Marymount University is passionate about giving back to the community particularly through mentorship. During his time with the Praxis Academy at LMU, Sej learned the importance and power of mentorship. When he started mentoring through Praxis and tutoring with Lions for Learning, Sejrealized the great impact he could have on young minds, particularly those of Black youth. After witnessing these young men admiring and wanting to emulate everything that he was, he realized that this was undoubtedly one of his callings. Sej decided he wanted to take it to the next level, so he joined Harambee, a mentorship program. Sej’s goal is to enlighten Black youth through community service and enable them to realize that they capable of being successful in everything they do. Mentorship has not just enabled him to give back, he is constantly learning life lessons from his mentees as they make Sej hold himself to a higher standard.

Annie Keig is a senior Environmental Studies major and Creative Writing minor at St. Mary’s College of California. Annie’s enthusiasm for Community Engagement started at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, where she worked with the Teen Conservation Leader Program for 3 years. Since then, she has actively pursued roles that allow her communicate scientific research and topics to the general public; she hopes to be the missing link between these two communities. Annie has also held several varied leadership positions—including Lead Writing Adviser at the Center for Writing Across the Curriculum, Orientation Leader, and Co-Chair of the Leadership for Social Justice Conference—that have allowed her to foster a collaborative and energetic leadership style that pervades throughout her daily life. In her spare time, she thrives on rock climbing, hiking, and other outdoor adventures.

Maddi Larsen is a senior communication major with a minor in English at Saint Mary's College of California. She was born and raised in Orange County, California and found a passion in service through her work as a girl scout and then later in National Charity League. Coming to the Bay Area for college, she grew deeper into her leadership skills and desire to engage with people to become a Weekend of Welcome leader, Orientation Leader, Community Leader, a Lasallian Peer Minister and a Co-Chair of the Leadership for Social Justice Conference. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, reading, writing, and finding new places to drink coffee.

Cynthia Magallanes-Gonzalez is currently a senior at Occidental College where I study Sociology. As an undergraduate student, she has had many opportunities to develop her research skills through classes at Oxy as well as through conducting independent research, in the U.S. and abroad. She is passionate about advocating for equal education attainment, especially to vulnerable groups such as those who are/have been incarcerated, homeless youth and to (im)migrants/refugees. She studies foreign languages and has had numerous study abroad experiences in France, Oman, and Morocco. After graduating, her ultimate goal is to pursue a doctoral degree in Social Work.

Mariela Martinez is a third year Political Science major and minoring in Interfaith Studies. She is the current President of Model United Nations, Secular Student Alliance and College Democrats. She has held on campus events that raise awareness of the Syrian refugee crisis through informative documentaries, and is an on-campus advocate for student participation in politics. She has held numerous on-campus events to raise student awareness on political, religious and social issues occurring around the world. Mariela hopes to volunteer with the Peace Corp after graduating La Verne and aspires to become an international humanitarian activist for political and religious conflicts.

Martin Mijares is a graduate student at San Jose State University, majoring in Sociology. Born overseas and raised in the Bay Area of California, there were opportunities to learn and understand disparities that exist in all shapes and forms from firsthand experience. Of the disparities that exist, homelessness seemed to be most pervasive, existing in all cities across the Bay Area and worldwide. Studying in the Silicon Valley has solidified his resolve in creating solutions to end homelessness altogether. As a lifelong student, Martin will continue to understand the shifts in the world and stand up for those who cannot do so themselves. His research interests include: organizations, culture, and technology. In his spare time Martin enjoys, rock climbing, yoga, cycling, and photography.

Carolyn Vo is a first year OTA student at Stanbridge College in Irvine, CA. She has also volunteered as a Clinical Care Extender at Citrus Valley Health Partners and was part of the Leadership team. In addition, she is currently working as an OT Aide at Elite Motion Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine in Arcadia, CA. On campus, she is involved with the SOTAS club and the Reach program. She has also supported the Make A Wish Foundation, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, Walk for Hope, and Kids 4 Kids. On Sundays, she enjoys singing in her church choir. Carolyn also enjoys new adventures and loves to travel. She hopes to serve her community and provide a positive impact on others around her after she succeeds in the field of occupational therapy.

Taylor Weigandis a 21-year-old veterinary technology student at Stanbridge College who is dedicated to pursuing a career working with animals. She is a positive, motivated, compassionate individual and a natural leader. Taylor has participated in the 4-H Program for over ten years, which included showing the animals she raised at the Orange County Fair, participating in livestock auctions, and giving presentations and demonstrations at the 4-H Youth Expo. As a junior and teen leader in various animal projects, Taylor has developed confidence in her leadership abilities and taught rabbit projects to two different 4-H Clubs. She is an active member of Stanbridge College’s award-winning student chapter of the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (SCNAVTA), and chairperson of the SCNAVTA Foster Committee, which partners with local animal shelters to help raise newborn kittens and prepare them for adoption.

Carlos A. Yanes is a traditional undergraduate first-generation Latino student at the University of La Verne. He is a junior majoring in English and minoring in Sociology Carlos.Yanes is an engaged student leader on campus, having worked with the Office of Information Technology for a year as a receptionist and the Office of Multicultural Services for two years. In his role as a student worker with the Office of Multicultural Services, Carlos works closely with the Director to coordinate programs addressing and empowering diverse students. He has also served as Latino Student Forum’s Secretary and is currently the club’s Director of Community Involvement. Moreover, he and other student leaders on campus have worked with University administrators to establish an Arts Council on campus as a means to bring art to campus that is representative of the student demographic. He was also recognized for community engagement and diversity and inclusivity at the University of La Verne’s 2016 Spirit of La Verne recognition event.

Jeffrey Yusamiscurrently a physical therapist assistant student at Stanbridge College. He is a genuinely kind and approachable person who loves connecting with others and helping those in need. He has a strong connection with the local community and is very engaged in giving back. He loves interacting with people and finds fulfillment in volunteering to help various local non-profit organizations. Jeffrey is a regular volunteer at the monthly dinner service at Lighthouse Ministries in Costa Mesa, where he plays a pivotal role in serving home cooked meals to hundreds of homeless and hungry individuals. He is an exemplary student, a strong leader, and the President of the Stanbridge Association of Physical Therapist Assistant Students.

Jasmine Zogas is a second year graduate student studying occupational therapy at Stanbridge College in Irvine, California. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from San Diego State University. She is passionate about relationships and helping others. Her career goals are to become a Registered, Licensed, Occupational Therapist for the pediatric population. She enjoys volunteering in a variety of settings. She has been involved with the National Teen Leadership Program since 2007, where she is a camp counselor to teens at a leadership conference every summer. She has also enjoyed community service with the homeless population, military functions, children, food banks, domestic violence victims and at-risk youth. Jasmine is determined to help her community and better the lives of those around her. Jasmine spends her free time with family and friends, drinking coffee, traveling, and working out.