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“CACC’s support of civic engagement, public service and student involvement in the campus and surrounding community completely aligns with NDNU’s mission to provide excellent professional and liberal arts programs in which community engagement and the values of social justice are integral to the learning experience. CACC has been instrumental in the growth of NDNU faculty involvement in service learning on our campus and has provided grants to support development of community partnerships.”

Judith Maxwell Greig, Ph.D., President
Notre Dame de Namur University

“California Campus Compact provided the tools and resources to promote responsible citizenry throughout our campus, and most of all, the inspiration to continue our work in contributing to the public good, which is one of the most important responsibilities of institutions of higher education."

Willie J. Hagan, President
California State University Dominguez Hills

“As a member of California Campus Compact, the University of La Verne is able to collaborate with like-minded institutions on important initiatives regarding civic engagement, a core institutional value for the University of La Verne. California Campus Compact has helped enhance the work of the University and the impact we have on our students and surrounding communities.”

Devorah Lieberman, President
University of La Verne

Mission Statement

California Campus Compact builds the collective commitment and capacity of colleges, universities and communities to advance civic and community engagement for a healthy, just and democratic society.

Vision Statement

In 2013, California colleges, universities and communities are contributing to a healthy, just and democratic society through ongoing dialogue and collaboration, with a strong shared commitment to the development of socially responsible individuals and institutions.

2014-2018 Strategic Plan

In 2013, California Campus Compact (CACC) designed and implemented an intentional strategic planning process. Building on their existing strategic plan, CACC chose to continue to focus on their vision, mission and strategic directions which were crafted in 2007; as each clearly articulate relevant and intentional aspirations for the Compact. A small group of diverse stakeholders including member campuses, students, program participants, campus presidents, community partners and non-member campuses provided extensive feedback; while, a later draft along with a survey was broadly distributed to CACC’s constituents by email and online. Deliberations by CACC’s staff and Executive Board were informed by the feedback collected and enabled CACC to focus their goals on the civic engagement fields’ current issues and needs across California. In total, more than 100 stakeholders provided direct input and feedback as this strategic plan was developed. The CACC Executive Board officially approved the plan on November 14, 2013.

Download the California Campus Compact 2014-2018 Strategic Plan