Students from California campuses were selected in Spring 2021 to participate in California Campus Compact’s Community Engagement Student Fellowship (CESF) program, a 4-month initiative specifically designed to support student leaders advancing service, service-learning and community engagement at California Campus Compact member campuses throughout the state.

Angela Chen

Angela Chen, a recent graduate from The Webb Schools, is a current freshman at Occidental College and is planning on majoring in economics. As soon as she entered her college career, she was elected as the Vice President of External Affairs for the student senate. During the pandemic, she noticed the difficulty of communicating with students and especially freshmen who are new to the school. In hopes of building a community whilst in a virtual setting, she is determined to seek out the best way to communicate with Occidental students. Angela will be working with the Student Leadership, Involvement and Community Engagement (SLICE) office to increase student community-building and service-learning/community participation. The project, while creating a multi-layered ‘Social Identity Support and Networking’ experience, will serve to connect students with each other and with leadership development opportunities on and off-campus.

Adam Dirickson

Adam Dirickson is a first-year honors student at College of the Canyons. He is pursuing an Associate of Arts Degree in Engineering with the intention of transferring to a four-year university to continue his study of mechanical engineering. Adam has a love of machines, from vacuum cleaners to roller coasters, and has an encyclopedic knowledge of trains and cars. Through his work with the PLACE Project at College of the Canyons, he has cultivated a desire to help at-risk populations by designing resource brochures for housing, food, and medical assistance, as well as participating in civic dialogues relating to community improvement. Adam is a Santa Clarita native. When he is not doing homework, playing video games, or helping his parents renovate their home, Adam enjoys exploring the outdoors, practicing his new hobby of photography. With the backdrop of roller coasters in his daily view, Adam hopes to one day achieve his lifelong goal of becoming a roller coaster designer.

Lane Farrell

Lane Farrell is a Business Administration student at College of the Canyons, and became a member of the Honors College, taking 17 units and signing up for 3 extracurricular clubs. He always been a naturally ambitious person with a genuine drive to help out his community. After witnessing a handful of his friends having to endure their own bouts of depression, Lane knew that he had to do something in order to help them deal with their inner issues. Using his knowledge of philosophy that he had developed from all of his personal reading, combined with his ability to write, Lane began drafting a manuscript for a book to help members of Generation Z. In his senior year of high school, Lane became a published author with his first work Life: From Generation Z. As an intern for the City of Santa Clarita tasked with working on the issue of homelessness within the local community, Lane was able to network with 37 different stakeholders and non-profit organizations, as well as the COC PLACE project to develop policy that would assist with facilitating change within the local homeless population. He was immediately assigned to work with the Prevention and Coordination Committee as well as the Increasing Income Committee of the Community Homeless Task Force when he began his work for the City Manager’s Office. Lane is currently nearing the end of his first semester of college and looking to start the application process for transferring to a University in the coming months. Though he had originally wished to attend a 4-year university straight out of high school, Lane can say with absolute certainty that his stay at College of the Canyons has been one of the defining moments of his life, thus far. The skills that he has developed while at College of the Canyons will serve him throughout the rest of his career.

Enrique ‘Ricky’ Galvan

Enrique ‘Ricky’ Galvan is currently a second-year master’s student within the Social Science program at California State University, Chico.  He was raised by a family of Mexican immigrants, and comes from the small rural town of Gridley, CA.  He is passionate about giving back to his Northern California communities, and helping pave the way for future generations of students the same way that was done for him.  This is Ricky’s final year within the graduate program, where is expected to complete his degree alongside an Option in Career & Life planning in May 2021.  His research interest lies in understanding how the sophomore slump impacts underrepresented minority students in college, and finding effective strategies to subdue the slump.  Ricky also graduated from CSU, Chico in 2019 with his BA in Psychology and a Minor in Sociology, and he hopes to use these degrees and experiences to eventually become a college advisor or counselor.  Ricky has worked for four years now with the Chico Student Success Center’s REACH (Raising Educational Achievement in Collaborative Hubs) program, a first-year experience program that helps first-gen students of color with the transition from high school to college.  He served for three years as a Peer Mentor, and is currently working as the REACH Graduate Student Assistant.  When Ricky is not studying, he loves to play video games, listen to music, and spend time with his friends and family.

Rachel Johnson

Rachel Johnson is a first generation college student currently pursuing a Master’s of Science in Occupational Therapy degree at Stanbridge University. She received her undergraduate degree in public health with minors in Psychology and Spanish from Indiana University in 2019. Rachel was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, where her love for working with children and helping others began. Since moving to California to continue her education, she has spent her free time exploring the west coast, enjoying the various beaches, and becoming a certified yoga sculpt instructor. In her future as a clinician, she hopes to use her passion for working with others to make a positive impact in her patient’s lives.

Lorena Martinez

Lorena Martinez is majoring in Social Work and minoring in Sociology at Sacramento State. A life-long resident of Sacramento, Lorena is committed to giving back to her community by working with youth and families.   When she is not studying, she is running her small business; enjoying her hobbies, which include photography, crocheting, and playing the piano; and enjoying her family. Her son, husband, and parents provide her motivation. Her career goal is to work in Child Protective Services (CPS) and she looks forward to inspiring others through her academic and career achievements and involvement with her community. 

Kiera Moran

Kiera Moran is a blogger intern at CCE, at Sonoma State University and was a transfer student from San Diego Miramar College. She spent her first two years at community college before transferring to SSU last semester, Fall 2020. Kiera is majoring in Communications and Media Studies, focusing on Public Relations. Since she is not local to the Sonoma area, Kiera hopes to use this internship to not only better her writing, but to also engage and interact with students, staff, faculty, and most importantly the community.

Ayman Omar

Ayman Omar is a first-year at Pitzer College looking to major in Environmental Analysis. Originally from Minnesota, Ayman developed a strong interest in environmental issues in high school, particularly how Black communities are impacted by environmental threats. During his fellowship, he will be a resource to connect the Black Student Union (BSU) and Pitzer’s Community Engagement Center (CEC). As a member of the BSU, Ayman is excited to get more Black students involved with community organizations that match their interests. He will also work to find community organizations that have a focus on arts, literacy, and environmental education for the CEC to partner with it. Ayman hopes that by the end of the fellowship, Black students feel more comfortable going to the CEC and can utilize all the great resources it offers. In his free time, he enjoys watching superhero movies, all things food, and spending time with family.

Thais Perez

Thais Perez (she/they) is a second year Spanish Studies major with a Translation Emphasis at Mount Saint Mary’s University. She currently serves on Student Government Association as one of the Inclusive Excellence Senators, a new position for the 2020 – 2021 academic year. In their role as an Inclusive Excellence Senator, Thais and her co-Senator have facilitated several Brave Space Dialogues – Black Lives Matter space, a space to process feelings a year after a fire affected our students in Fall 2019, a Black Lives Still Matter space, and a GOTV event for students of color. Thais is also active in Mock and Moot Court, the Athenian Print (student-run newspaper), Building Bridges Across Borders, and Latinas Unidas. Thais is committed to uplifting students’ voices, providing opportunities for students to learn about issues that impact individuals from minoritized communities, and furthering her own understanding of the world around her.

Jasmyn Washington

Jasmyn Washington is a senior at Sacramento State majoring in History. A Sacramento native, Jasmyn is interested in becoming a teacher and giving back to her community. She believes that being an active member of the community is essential for creating safe spaces, accessible resources, and support systems for everyone. The CACC Community Engagement Student Fellowship is important to Jasmyn because she wants to be a leader for social change, educating her peers and the next generation on how to be socially adept in diverse settings and how to create environments of inclusion, equity, and acceptance.